Life Hacks during COVID-19

27 Apr

Staying at home for a couple of weeks or longer can cause a lot of anxiety, fear and worst is depression. For some of us who were not mentally prepared for this situation, try checking out my tips to help you cope with the “New Normal” life this 2020.

Green House advocate

Since we are all saving money, why not regrow some herbs or veggies at home? Save your time and effort in going to supermarkets if you just need a few leaves to spice up your home-cooked dishes. At the same time, give your house a relaxing outdoor feel with these cute little pots.

Hobby Hour

Bored at home? Pick up your old guitar/keyboard, books, or art materials. Use your boring time for these hobbies to improve yourself. You can also explore your hidden talent by trying out some apps like TikTok for dancing and acting skills or do some karaoke on YouTube/Smule. These will turn your boring days into fun and entertaining one! 

Family Time

The most important aspect of your life, your pillar – is your Family. Try to spend more time with them by watching TV together, playing games or just talking with one another personally or over the phone. The feeling of having somebody who loves and cares for you is what we need right now. Try to hug them more or if they are far, give them a call and say you love them. Be connected.

Memory Lane

This is what I called “Me” time. Mental health is important in our current situation. Try to open your old photo books or Facebook albums and remember those happy memories when you were on vacation or with your friends and family. I assure you will smile while checking out some throwback photos.

Chef at home

I know not everyone is blessed with some cooking skills. But I tell you, this really comes in handy for when the time comes. Why not try checking out master chef Google for some recipes that you crave for dinner? It won’t be that perfect but it’s like achievement unlocked for yourself. You can also try with a simple dessert recipe for snacks. Yums!

Strengthening your Faith

It doesn’t matter what belief you have but faith is essential for all us currently. Seek more wisdom, pray, or reflect on your faith. Let the universe shower you with blessings. Have Faith, belief, and don’t lose hope. We can all overcome this difficult season.

Level UP

Now is your time to shine in learning new skills at work or for your self-improvement. Pick up a subject/project/concept that you are lacking skills with and try to develop, learn and be an expert on it. Now is your time to shine!


People who love themselves are glowing with happiness, beauty, and admiration. Want to know the secret to be a better you? Praise yourself and always say positive words all the time. Try eating fresh foods every day. Change to a healthy lifestyle. Put on a skincare routine before you sleep. Do a simple stretching exercise, yoga, or listen to your favorite song while doing something. Smile and be happy!

Virtual Reunion

Do you have some high school reunion or friends get together that was planned and didn’t happen? Why not use some FREE online platforms like Zoom or Google to meet and greet? This sounds fun and EXCITING! No excuses and everybody can attend!


Married/ Single with Partner

Take this opportunity to praise and embrace your better half! You don’t always see him/her on a 24/7 basis so stop nagging and complaining about each other. Why not watch your favorite NetFlix series together? Whether it’s a kdrama or an American series whichever you both prefer like watching. Or try to do a routine exercise together, binge eat together, play games together or if you have kids, get them involved to play a game too. Don’t let this virus ruin your marriage and relationships, fight to survive it!

Single with no commitment

Develop a deeper relationship with your family. Reach out to old friends and have a chat online. They might be worried about you. Interact with other people in Social Media whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even whatsapp, it doesn’t matter if you leave a comment or send some likes or just chat with others is a good start to socialize virtually. If you are sharing a place with others, get to know your housemates, and have a potluck party!

This pandemic might have brought us a series of unfortunate events, but it teaches us a lot of life lessons equivalent to a decade of living.  And With these challenges that we are facing now, I believe we can become stronger, better and wiser in the future. Let’s all beat this virus and stay alive together!


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